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Before you email me asking if you can use my wallpapers, or the walling resources I've collected, for any purpose, please read this first. It should answer most questions.

Using Wallpapers

  • You may... download these wallpapers to decorate your computer's desktop, to print out and stick on a binder, etc whatnot and all else.
  • You may... repost these wallpapers on your site if you link back to DA! Desktop Anime and give me credit. Text links or button links are fine.
  • You may not... repost every single one of my wallpapers on your website. Seriously, why waste your own space? Just link them here.
  • You may not... alter these wallpapers to be used in your own wallpapers, website layouts, buttons, skins or other graphics. However, if you are interested in the source images, email me. I may still have a copy of the scan that I can send you.
  • You may not... direct-link (hot-link) to the wallpapers on this website. It won't work, so don't try.

Using Resources

  • You may... use the textures and brushes in your wallpapers. No credit is necessary. I didn't make the textures anyway.
  • You may not... repost the decompositions. I don't see why you'd want to, they're rather large and don't make any sense outside of this site's context.


  • This site is link-free. There are buttons on the links page if you want to use a graphic; text links are just fine. Please link only to and not to any of the interior pages. Also, please do not link directly to a wallpaper's page, it really screws up the tally method.
  • I do not have any affiliates nor am I looking for any affiliates.
  • I am not interested in link exchanges. If I find a site I like, I will link to them.