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Yeah, yeah, so it's almost Valentine's Day and everyone's submitting happy fluffy loverly walls. Well, not me. I just bought the last volume of Shikeishuu Oshini (Death Row Inmate 042) and had, had, had to make a wallpaper from it. A little bit about 042: The story takes place in the not-so-distant future of Japan, where prisoner 042 was convicted of killing 7 people in a brutal arena battle and placed on death row. However, researchers have hope that some inmates may be able to return to normal society, and he is used as the first test. They implant a chip that is set to explode if he has any sudden urgings to kill (the safeguard) and then place him as a janitor in a high school, under 24-hour supervision led by Doctor Shiina. What results is a story full of ups and downs as 042 tries to assimilate back into society, a society which very much does not want him in their midst. Yet 042 manages to touch many lives around him, and in return begins to gain a greater understanding of himself. This wallpaper features 042 (in Japanese it is pronounced Oshini, which could also mean "the death person", and while at first derogatory becomes his nickname, since people are not allowed to call him by his real name, Tajima Ryouhei) and was scanned off the cover of manga 5 (although I drew in the prison bars myself.) The original image was soft and light, and I tried to contrast that part of his character (the caring, quiet man) by darkening the image considerably and breaking it up on the bottom, as his reality is certainly dark and fragmented. The red blood spots were originally going to be green as the rest of the wall, but when I dropped them in out of one of my old Tsukihime walls, the red really stood out as a bit of a focal point and a contrast to the rest of the image, so I left it red for 042's bloody past. The last pages of the story had me wondering, could a murderer ever find redemption? That was the inspiration for this wallpaper. I'd like to think that 042 did, if only within himself.


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