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A simple wallpaper with a springtime theme because the weather is being particularly lovely right now in Southern California. When I was reuploading a few of my scans (due to MT loosing a set of images in the 66xxx-70xxx image range) I remembered I had wanted to wall this scan because I liked the monochromaticity of it (even in the comments, Kuroboshi mentioned the point was to make a monochrome image with just a hint of color). So I walled it. I worked in a left portion of her bow, because the original looked unbalanced with only a right side. I was originally going to place her in front of a flower shop (fields and gardens are all fine and well but fields are utterly boring and Shinta has got the market cornered on realistic garden scenery) and realized that it would have made the image far too complex, for it is a simple image of a girl which asks for a simple background. Instead I placed her in an art gallery with a mere painting of flowers behind her (I thought this triple blossom image from StockExchange was just perfect, after I changed the colors of the blossoms to match more closely those from the scan, because it was stylized and simple, just what I was aiming for). I used a bit of texture and filter to make it a canvas painting. Then add a simple wooden frame and plaster background using stocks from a second stock photo repository. I realized at this point the girl felt too flat, so I textured her as well - it's a painting of a girl standing in front of a painting now. The title comes from a poster I have hanging on my wall over my monitor. I got it during my stint as a graphic designer at a local print shop when one of the shopowner's friends recently purchased a new 6-color press (ooh! shiney!) and brought some posters as a sample (as our shop utilized only 1- and 2-color presses). The image is of a set of red, pink and white flowers (roses, mums and a few tulips) in a bronze wire basket in front of a greying wood board. I decided the title fit well with this image as well.


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