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My last Nana wall in preparation for the W.A.R. competition. Theme: Infatuation Concept: What would you do for someone you're infatuated with? Something unreasonable? Something over the edge? Something dangerous? That's the feeling I got when I saw this scan. The man is obviously in love with a most dangerous, gun-toting girl -- but he doesn't care. Style: Although the bold/bright color combination was the most popular in my Nana "Infatuation" wall, the dark/inverted color combination was the second most popular, so I decided to use that style here. I like the dark/light, angel/devil type of imagery it brings forth to the image. Dark reddish maroons because of the love theme once again. The shattered glass was based off of a stock photo from Stock Exchange to get the fragments looking right. Don't know quite how a round bullet would make a heart-shaped pattern, but hey. This is just imagery. Title: I couldn't resist. The image was rather Bond-esque, and the pun on double-oh-seven was just too over the top. I HAD to do it. (Seven in Japanese is Nana.) I found a Bond poster from Google image search to get the gun logo. I was going to give it a Bond movie name, but I gave up trying to decide which one fit, so I just went with the "Licensed to Kill" theme instead.


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007: Licensed to Kill
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