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I've been wanting to make this wallpaper for a while, and since I took a bunch of cloud photos over vacation so I could use them as stocks, now seemed as good a time as any. The inspiration came from a magazine article about family vacations, and instead of using a regular photo/caption, they used a type of photo-mosaic in order to create large, composite panoramic pictures. I thought it was a cool idea and wanted to replicate it. Of course, Kino. And Riku, my most favoritest character ever. Also, the off-skew angle and the large open sky made it ideal for the style I wanted, which was to place the characters on top of the photomosaic of a sky. Thus, it's a sceneric that's not so generic. Scan came from the 2nd visual novel (smudged), clouds were composited from photos I took, and the photos themselves were arranged in Photoshop, which has really crappy shape support (I had to do them at 2x size, then shrink in, to reduce the jaggy edges. It's still not enough, but after individually putting together 32 "snaps" I got pissed off at PS and gave up.) The title is obvious, a picture perfect day.


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