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A Gankutsuou wall without floofy floral patterns? What gives? Well, dare to be different, I always say. I downloaded the scan because I was always fond of the Eugenie/Albert relationship, and as I began to trace it I noticed the outlines were thick and dynamic, almost like a painting. So instead of the typical over-the-top frills, I decided to use a much different style - Art Nouveau. I've been meaning to make some more walls in the Nouveau style (I had two recently that never got anywhere) and decided that it would be a good fit - after all, The Count of Monte Cristo is a French novel and Art Nouveau was a mainly European art movement, with a good portion of it in France. I based the framing on Alphonse Mucha's style of framing, tracing over several of his posters. To keep with that poster feel I didn't add any extra detail, just some textures to give that paperish poster feeling. Sadly, I didn't get to use gradient mesh on the characters to get the shading. I have another gradient mesh project that's a lot more intense than this image, so I figured for expediency's sake, Gaussian blurs would work just as well. (Except Illustrator does weird stuff to anything blurred past 20 pixels. Just so you know.)


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