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Another wallpaper with some Art Deco sensibilities. This one is based off of the fabulous opening sequence to Catch Me if You Can. At first I was going to use Bebop characters (which also has a classy Deco vibe to the art) and was going to call it "Bebop if you can", but the more I thought about it, the more Lupin fit, what with Zenigata vs Lupin's crew. Also, I recently bought the Club Jazz Digs Lupin the Third album, so I've sort of got Lupin in the brain.
This is basically lifted straight off of one of the scenes in the opening sequence involving stairs, an elevator, and a very puzzled nurse, with Zenigata as Hanratty, Lupin as Abagnale, and... instead of Fujiko as the nurse, Jigen as an accomplice.
I wanted to make a series of this with other scenes from the opening (the scene with the swimming pool was perfect for Fujiko) but I wanted to post this wallpaper today, for DA!'s 10th anniversary. Happy Birthday, site. I would do more for you, but I just got back from a 2 week business trip and cursing how far Narita is from Tokyo proper, and I mean to get some sleep.


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