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I started this wallpaper over a year ago, having finished the character artwork trace fairly quickly. It then sat on my hard drive for many months as I never got around to completing the Art Nouveau-styled frame for it.
Then, last week the Northeastern Japan earthquake and tsunami struck. This disaster hit a lot closer to home for me than most other disasters, as I had recently moved back to the US after spending a year in Tokyo. During that time I had met many people, coworkers and friends, who are thankfully doing well, but are now coping with the immediate (and probably long-term) aftermath.
I want to show my support for Japan, so I looked through my work-in-progress folder and found this. It was oddly fitting, seeing Jomy and Physis mourning for a home they never had, while many Japanese mourn for a home that is lost.
Using the motif of tears, I made a new frame for the wall. I couldn't find a nice planetary view of Japan from NASA's site, so I settled for one of the Pacific Ocean in general, although obscured by clouds it's hard to tell what's down there. The typography was custom drawn in Illustrator based off of the Art Nouveau font Isadora. A bit of texture for the old-school lithographic feel, and this wall is finally complete.
I drew the frame for a widescreen (1920x1200) screen, so the 4x3 and 5x4 resolutions look pretty terrible. I couldn't figure out a fast way to reframe the image and still get this launched in a timely manner. I may revisit the other resolutions at a later point in time.


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