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The tv series for the popular Read or Die is finally beginning to air, and the images are starting to get printed in magazines, which means more wallpapers! I've seen the first 6 episodes so far and it's great fun, a mix of action and character development, although perhaps my expectations were skewed by the shorter OVA series in that I was expecting a lot more action instead of shopping trips through the book district. But the opening music is catchy and I like the Paper Sisters, Michelle, Maggie, and Anita. I think my favorite is Maggie, although Anita gets the most screen time. This is another vector trace, a bit more complicated (as the trend) - this time with 3 characters and lots of floating paper, with many of the same elements as my other vector walls. My favorite thing about this image is actually the paper cartridges strapped to Anita's legs. They're highlighted in episode 5, and it's funny seeing them ready for an assault totally with paper instead of guns and bullets. Definately a new series to follow now that Stellvia has finished.

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