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When I first saw this image from the first volume of the manga, I realized it was vector drawn and I really wanted to trace it. Except that I would have to a) bend my manga to scan in the original and b) it was in black and white. Then along came Sanseido's monthly magazine sales, where I try to pick up issues of Pafu, a monthly manga magazine. Luckily, they had the 8/03 version on sale, and I knew from the 7/03 version that the artist for Cafe, Kyoko Negishi, was going to have artwork in the first color section for that edition. Lo and behold, there was the same vector piece, but in color, and easily scannable as well. I dutifully redrew it. I kept with the same idea of the original, although with more green boxes at angles. I made two versions, one with Minagawa in the front (this one) and one with Tarou in the front (this one). Minagawa has a scary smile, though, and dunno what's up with the bird (why couldn't Sukekiyo be sitting on his arm, instead of some freaky bird?)

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