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I've had this scan ever since October and didn't do anything with it. After watching the first to episodes of 2nd Gig, I wanted to wallpaper something. The ending credits was especially neatly done - "Living in the Shell" by Steve Conte (I'm a fan of his) played over images of xrays, overlaid by lots and lots of tech. Hence the title. I started to extract Motoko from the scan, and discovered I lost my patience for scan extraction and cleanup. Instead, I traced it to make it cool and vectory, which feels oddly appropriate for a futuristic series. Building on the screens and screens of tech from the ending credits, I first built up a background and started overlaying lines and lines on top. It's not great tech, but I rarely do tech in the first place. The circle-design is another trace from the logo in the opening credits, so I take no credit for that. Thanks to numerous suggestions from the WC-gumi (originally it was a pink/purple monotone because I grabbed the color from her hair, but after complaining it made the series look shoujo, I polled and found green the most popular choice, originally Motoko wasn't see-through in parts but it was suggested that I mask out bits of her as if she was cloaking, originally there weren't bits floating around her outline but another suggestion was that..) I finally came up with a design I liked. It took 5 iterations ^^;

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