Kino from Kino no Tabi
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Zodiac: Ox from Okami: Created on 1/21/09 Peace on Earth... from Terra E: Created on 12/20/08 Let Sleeping Wolves Lie from Okami: Created on 10/21/08 Conflagration from Okami: Created on 3/30/08 Katamari in the Snow from Katamari Damacy: Created on 12/29/07 Take Flight from Romeo X Juliet: Created on 11/29/07 Take Flight (Dual Screen) from Romeo X Juliet: Created on 11/29/07 A Girl in Gaea from Tenkuu no Escaflowne: Created on 7/14/07 Under the Sakura from Artist: Takamichi: Created on 2/14/07 Mountain's Red Leaves from Hakkenden: Created on 11/25/06 Gathering Rain from Brave Story: Created on 11/22/06 Mata Itsuka from Mushishi: Created on 11/1/06 Peace from Mushishi: Created on 9/4/06 Drift from Mushishi: Created on 8/24/06 The Prince of Masks from Artist: Wei Liu: Created on 5/4/06 A Prayer for Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth: Created on 4/2/06 Picture Perfect from Kino no Tabi: Created on 1/8/06 Clockwork Castle from Howl's Moving Castle: Created on 10/22/05 At the Shrine from Tenshou Gakuen: Created on 9/21/05 Flight of Fancy from Lagoon Engine: Created on 5/31/05 Daydreamer from Fruits Basket: Created on 3/20/05

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